Roos was born in Nijmegen (Netherlands) in 1974 and grew up in the picturesque fortified town of Heusden where she had a very happy childhood with her parents, brother and sister. She comes from a very creative family, her father is an actor and her mother a painter, her brother is an art director and her sister an actress. Creativity really runs in her blood and her parents always encourage her to follow her heart.

After high school, Roos traveled through Asia for four years, where she gained a lot of inspiration. She therefore decided to return to the Netherlands and go to art school to learn to portray all her inspiration in images and photography.

She chose ceramics because she could really learn a trade in this department and she wanted to make large sculptures. During her studies, two friends persuaded her to go on a winter sports holiday in Austria for the first time in her life. After two weeks in the mountains she met Chris and there was an immediate spark.

When Roos had to return to the Netherlands for her studies, Chris spontaneously decided to go with her. While Roos went to the academy all day long, Chris, out of boredom, took a block of clay from Roos's mother's studio and went to work. At the end of the day, Roos came home and Chris looked surprised; he had completely lost track of time and had even forgotten to eat or drink…

He had finally found his great passion!

Roos was able to go on an exchange during her studies and the two of them decided to go to Valencia. Roos took anatomy and portrait lessons at university there in the evenings and during the day they went together to a traditional ceramics school in Manises, a town near Valencia. Here they really learned the tricks of the trade, including lessons in turning, firing and glazing.

When Roos returned, she immediately started her busy final year. Because they had worked together so much in Spain, Chris continued to help her complete her final exam work. They then noticed how inspiring it was to work together. It was therefore a very logical step to start working together in a studio after graduation.

From that moment on, the artist duo Roos&Chris was born...

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